Don’t let quarante stop you! The best exercises to keep fit from home.

Sergio Fernández 18/05/2020

Although the quarante has meant a change in the training routines from the mayority of athletes, the truth is that most of them have decided to keep fit from home including some basic exercises. With the objetive of help you to not lose your physical shape during these weeks of confinament, we want to propose you a […]

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When is better to practise sport? At morning or afternoon?

Ana Zoroquiain 06/05/2020
sport tips

Índice de contenidosDo physical exercise is one of the best habits to maintain good health. But when is better to practise it? At morning or afternoon?Aerobic resistance training.Anaerobic resistance training.Muscle mass.Fat loss. Do physical exercise is one of the best habits to maintain good health. But when is better to practise it? At morning or […]

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Woman, athlete and manager of your our fitness centre?

Ana Zoroquiain 06/03/2020
interview sport woman

Today, Sunday, March 8th, we join the celebrations for International Women’s Day. We seize this opportunity to interview some of ‘our women’, sport woman and business women, all of them managers of different sport centres that use our software. Índice de contenidosThey are:ANGIE CAZAGOUDIANA CRUZJESSICA FALCY MIRIAM GARCÍA DANIELA RESTREPO DEBBY WILSON CARLA SÁNCHEZ Sportswomen, how do you describe ourselves […]

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Customer loyalty: how to increase retention in your sports centre.

Ana Zoroquiain 20/02/2020
clients strategy tips

Índice de contenidosWhat is customer loyalty? What do the researches say? How to get your users’ loyalty Control your centre’s loyalty from our sports centre management software. Actions you can perform through our sports management software. What is customer loyalty? Customer loyalty is the process by which you get that customer to be loyal to your […]

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7 steps to create an effective Instagram strategy for your sports centre

Ana Zoroquiain 31/01/2020
strategy tips

Índice de contenidosInstagram is becoming more and more important in the communication strategy of any sports center. We give you the keys to create an effective strategy!1. Define your objectives2. Define your target3. Look at your competition and similar accounts4. Define your strategy and your message5. Generate content for your strategy6. Plan the content of […]

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